We will be celebrating May is Bike Month a bit differently again this year, with a few more in-person/physically distanced rides & events than last year but still different than years past. During May we’re encouraging people to get out and ride for fun and exercise as well as for essential errands and trips. The community is celebrating the month by planning a fun lineup of on-line community events, rides, and events that we hope you’ll join us for. Stay tuned for updates on a month full of rides, events, classes, and fun, all centered around biking. It’s a good time for returning riders to roll those steads out of the garage and for everyone who rides bikes to celebrate together. #WeBikeLane

Gear up for May is Bike Month! Nationally celebrated since 1956, May is Bike Month has been celebrated in Eugene and Springfield since 2014. Bike Month showcases the many benefits of biking and encourages more folks to give it a try. Don’t have a bike? PeaceHealth Rides bike share is a great option!

COVID Safety 

According to the Center for Disease Control, the risk of transmitting COVID at a physically-distanced, outdoor event is low. While many of the events will be self-led or online this year, some will be in person. To support community health, in-person event organizers for Bike Month have agreed to adhere to the following safety protocols:  

  1. Asking participants not to attend if they are experiencing any the following symptoms: fever, problems breathing, coughing. 
  1. Asking participants not to attend if they have been in contact with anyone experiencing the above symptoms or who has been diagnosed positive for COVID-19. 
  1. Announcing (by voice or with signs) that physical distancing of 6’ or greater is expected. 
  1. Announcing (by voice or with signs) that masks are recommended at all times and required anytime physical distancing is not possible.  
  1. Having extra masks and hand sanitizer available in case they are needed during the event.